Whether you want to package an e-cig gift kit, mod kits or a starter kit protective and stylish packaging will help you retaining the attention of your prospective customers. For glass and other delicate items in the kit, you need to have custom storage fitting unit that keeps your items safe from breakage. For your vape packages, having compartments in the packaging boxes is a likable option since these would accentuate their appeal and protect them at the same time. While designing your vape kits packaging, be innovative, your packaging design should be insignia of your brand and needs to compliment your product line. Always hire the services of a professional packaging solutions providing company for getting your vape packaging designed and printed.

Why Vape Packaging Boxes?

Vape Packaging Boxes is a trustworthy name for all your e-cig, vape packages and vape mod kits packaging. We have been offering best customized vape packaging solutions to a number of our clients for quite a while now. What makes us the provider of choice includes our personalized services, cheap price packages and our exceptional customer service experience. We put our client needs ahead of everything else, all the specifications explained to us are followed during the order processing, we share the sample design with our clients before sending them for final printing and in case there are some last minute changes, we instantly implement them. Our proactive approach has won us over the trust of countless number of satisfied clients.

Custom Vape Kits Packaging

If you are looking for custom vape mod kits packaging, boxes for vape packages or vape starter kit packaging we have a number of stock and finishing options available. Have these manufactured in cardboard, Kraft, corrugated or any other stock with magnetic lid, die-cut foam inserts, embossing, debossing or any other option. We have a team of experts who are likely to give you personalized and cheap packages based on your product requirements and budget. For your gift boxes, we offer enticing customizations; you can have a card attached to these boxes or an accessory of your choice with a personalized message printed on them.

Our Turnaround and Shipping Information

We take minimal turnaround time 10-12 days, in case a client requests rush service; we always accommodate our client needs. We make sure that all the orders are dispatched before their estimated delivery deadline. In case there is a technical issue that can affect the shipping schedule, our customers are informed beforehand since we do not like to put our clients on hold or wait for long. All the shipping boxes are checked for quality control, we want to deliver you nothing but best quality!

Our Design Solutions

We have a team of creative graphic designers who can help you modifying your vape kits packaging design or can assist you in creating a new design. Tell them your product and branding details and they are likely to provide you various templates based on your requirements. Our design solutions are free and our graphic experts are likely to provide you insightful suggestions regarding color themes, images and font ideas.

Our 24/7 Client Services

We have an active client service department to address your queries, issues and concerns around the clock. Any product and order related questions are addressed instantly and our CSRs make sure that you get detailed answers.

We prefer client feedback since it always helps us in improving our services and enhancing our customer service experience. If you have any ideas on what should we add to our solutions to make them better, please write to us!